Welcome to the page for international students

About ELSA

ELSA (The European Law Students’ Association) is an international, independent, non-political and non-profit association run by and for law students and young lawyers, that are interested in academic and personal development on top of their studies. ELSA gives them the opportunity to develop their existing skills, gain new skills and meet fellow law students and legal professionals all across Europe.With local groups in 43 different countries and 50.000 members, ELSA is the biggest international legal study association in the world.

ELSA has a three-layer structure: on top of this structure is ELSA International. The international board of ELSA lives in Brussels and manages the network on a day-to-day basis. The second layer exists of the 43 national groups. The national boards manage the national ELSA networks and coach the local ELSA groups. On top of that, the national groups have each a vote in electing and discharging the international ELSA board, and deciding on international matters. The third layer within the ELSA network exists of the more than 250 local ELSA groups: they are the heart of the organisation, organising local events and bringing the ELSA values and opportunities to the ELSA members. ELSA the Netherlands currently consists of eight local groups in Amsterdam, Groningen, Leiden, Maastricht, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Tilburg.

What do we offer?

Our purpose is to offer law students various academic and social activities and to connect them with each other internationally. The academic activities consist of mostly lectures, excursions, law firm visits, workshops and drinks. On an international level internships can be arranged, summer schools are being organized and on top of that we offer mini-exchanges. A few of the many activities we planned so far for internationals are: a Valentines tour though Utrecht, a lecture about our legal weed and prostitution laws, a visit to the legal department of the biggest bank of the Netherlands and excursions to the American Ambassee and International Criminal Court in the Hague. A membership is only €15 a year.

For questions you can send an e-mail to: president@elsautrecht.nl