Upcoming events

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Thursday 6 December - Pre-Christmas Drinks

The end of the year is approaching rapidly, days are turning cold and grey, which is why we want to invite you to have some fun with us and have a drink together. The Christmas drinks begin at 21:00 in café 't Pandje, and the first drinks are on us! Besides having fun, we will also announce our newest committee members this evening!

Past events

Friday 23 November - Visit National Rapporteur on Human Trafficking

On the morning of 23 November we visit the National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings and Sexual Violence against Children in The Hague. The National Rapporteur reports on the nature and extent of human trafficking and sexual violence against children in the Netherlands, and on the effects of the government policies pursued. The Bureau of the Dutch Rapporteur keeps in contact with and gathers information from authorities, organisations and individuals involved in the prevention and combating of human trafficking and sexual violence against children and in giving assistance to victims.

Wednesday 30 mei, 31 mei 2018 - Trip to Brussels

From 30 to 31 May ELSA Utrecht will visit Brussels, the capital of the European Union. Together with a bunch of students, we will travel by bus towards Brussels where we will visit the international and leading law firm Bird&Bird. In the evening we will do some beer tasting with delicious Belgian beers. The next day we will visit the European Commission and the European Parliament. Besides there is plenty of time to do some sightseeing. In short: a trip rich of culture, international institutions and most importantly a lot of fun! Travel and accommodation will only cost 50 euros (the price may be subject to change).

Donderdag 3 mei - Symposium

Tuesday 24 april 2018 - La Trappe visit

Do you like La Trappe? And did you always wonder what would be like to visit the place that brews this special ale? But, did also wonder what legal challenges a large company like Bavaria faces? Well, this is your chance! ELSA Rotterdam, ELSA Tilburg & ELSA Utrecht collaborated in order to make this a reality and take you to a visit of the La Trappe Brewery on April 24th! And what makes the ale so special? It’s definitely an event you don’t want to miss!

Negotiation training - 29 March 2018

On Wednesday the 28th of March we will organise together with Urios an negotiation training. The day will start with a lecture about theory, tips and tricks about negotiation by Tom Sloetjes. Afterwords we will get the change to experience a real negotiation by ourself by a case. The day will end with a drink at the bar.

Pub Lecture Human Rights - 28 February 2018

On Wednesday night 28 February professor dr. Cedric Ryngaert will tell us about criminal accountability for corporate human rights violations. Ryngaert is head of the master Public International Law at the University of Utrecht. He leads the research project on how state can protect and promote human rights unilaterally. This lecture focuses on criminal liability for business-related violations of human rights. The lecture will be held in 'Hemmingway.' You can walk in from 19:00 o'clock and the lecture will start at 19:30 o'clock.

Coffee break - 22 February 2018

Do you want to get some local tips where to go, what to do and enjoy a cup of coffee ? Come to our Coffee Break at 4pm on Thursday afternoon the 22th of February.
Meet you there!

Legal Utrecht tour - 8 February 2018

Are you new in Utrecht and do you want to get to know the city? Walk the Legal Utrecht tour with URIOS, JSVU, BuddyGoDutch and ELSA Utrecht.

Visit to The Netherlands Institute for Human Rights - 16 January 2018

The Netherlands Institute for Human Rights explains, monitors and protects human rights, promotes respect for human rights (including equal treatment) in practice, policy and legislation, and increases the awareness of human rights in the Netherlands. During this trip you will learn everything about Human Rights. Join us on the 16th of January!

ELSA day - Trip to the International Criminal court - 20 November 2017

ELSA Day is a day for the entire ELSA network to create a unique Human Rights forum, discuss international and European standards of the protection and implementation of Human Rights. ELSA Amsterdam, ELSA Rotterdam, ELSA Tilburg and ELSA Utrecht organise a visit to the International Criminal Court. First we will get a tour through the ICC and after this we will join each other for drinks and dinner ( optional ). We stand for access across borders.

Visit Dutch Institute for Human Rights | 26th of April 2017
Do you know where you can go if you suspect that you are not invited for a job interview because of your foreign name? What happens with complaints from employees who are not allowed to wear a headscarf at their work? And what about the Black Pete (Zwarte pieten) discussion in the Netherlands? If you are interested in these human rights issues you should definitely sign up for the visit to the Dutch Institute for Human Rights on Wednesday the 26th op April with ELSA Utrecht.
During this visit we will learn more about the work of the Institute and about their rulings. The Institute is known for and involved in current interesting issues, such as the Black Petes discussion and complaints about stereotyping. Would you like to learn more about human rights and various interesting issues? Sign here up (before the 20th of April).

Lecure on the forerign policy of President Trump | 1th of May 2017

Are you next to you law study interested in international political developments? And do you want to learn more about American politics? Then you will find this lecture very interesting! On Monday the 1th of May Crist Klep and Duco Hellema will give a lecture about the foreign policy of President Donald Trump. Christ Klep is a military historian an teaches at the University of Utrecht about international relations. He is also a researcher and a writer. Furthermore you may know him form television; he is a regular guest a Pauw & Witteman and DWDD to give his vision on current and historical events in politics. Duco Hellema is professor history of international relations at University of Utrecht. He is not unknown in the Netherlands! His name regularly pops up in magazines like ‘De Groene Amsterdammer’ and ‘NRC’. He also has a number of publications on his name, which are very valuable for the Dutch international relations.